What do you do for an odourless bathroom?

Beautiful interiors create a great impression, but clean bathrooms create a lasting one. Have you ever had the experience of visiting someone’s beautiful home and then encountering a smelly toilet? A stinky bathroom is the last thing you’d want in your luxurious apartment, flat or villa. 

The good part about living in Bangalore is that its great weather and bright sunlight are good at keeping moisture and odour away from your luxurious apartment. Maintaining an odour less and fresh bathroom in apartments is a daily task. It’s not just for guests, it is also important for our own personal hygiene.

While regular cleaning of the bathroom with strong disinfectants does most of the work. There are other things you can do to make it better. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Keep the floor and tiles dry. Clean and dry all the surfaces – sink, toilet bowl and lids, cabinets, racks and holders, floor and wall tiles, your accessories and children’s toys in the bathroom.
  • When not in use, leave bathroom window/s open as well as the door. Cross ventilation prevents dampness and bad odour.
  • Always keep towels and linen dry. Soggy towels and clothes spread bad odour
  • Ensure that linen is neatly stacked on the racks. Ensure that the towel rods are thick and spaced out to allow proper drying.
  • Pull open shower curtains when not in use to let it dry. Drawn-up curtains retain moisture.
  • Regularly clear the garbage. Accumulated garbage leads to bad smell and attracts bacteria and pests.
  • Check for leakages and get a plumber to fix them.
  • Dehumidify the bathroom by installing an exhaust fan
  • Use scented candles, potpourri or place a pot of eucalyptus over the toilet for a fresh and fragrant bathroom.