Who are friends? Friendship Part 3

Who are friends? Friends are a very interesting specie. They have certain features that run across cultures and all kinds of humans that walk this earth or orbit it from satellites in the skies. I consider a friend as one who will tell you when you have done something wrong, yet stay away from judging

Friendship….. Part 2

I am continuing from where I left.. Who is a friend? In today’s world there are different notions of what friendship means. However, there are some things about friendship that pass the test of time. In my view, friends should be a point of reflection. If you look at your friends face and see a

Our own – not migrants…

This piece follows my Blog of the 12th of May 2020… I have been hearing/ reading about this set of people called  Migrants every day, actually almost every half hour. So, today, I decided to check what this word means as per established dictionaries – here is a link – https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/migrant#h1 – As per the

Sales…Selling in a darker world…Part 2

From the early 1990’s the character of Bangalore began to change. It is difficult for most post 1995 residents of Bangalore to understand what the old Bangalore was.  In 1986, when my wife and I  moved in, the old Bangalore was still alive. However, setting aside the garden city feature of Bangalore, what changed faster


This Lock down is leading to a lot of Frustration . It is possibly  one of the most common emotions  that people in India feel today .  We just do not know what to do. There seems to be nothing that we can do. This is the most common feeling we carry in our lives.

Politics at work

If there is even one successful person who says he/she did not either play politics or defend himself /herself against politics at work, I will show them a liar. Forget work, politics starts at home. Every relationship is  transactional. Siblings play politics with each other, parents, extended family, friends, foes – everyone plays politics of

Simple ways to keep your apartment cool this summer

Cold drinks, ice-lollies, a dip in the cool waters and more makes summer refreshing and fun – but for the unbearable heat and sweat. A cool home is a welcome respite from the scorching outdoors. Temperatures are soaring every year. Even a comparatively cool city like Bangalore is becoming hot and unbearable in the summer.

Values that we pledge to live by

BEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Ensuring customer much satisfaction through delivery of true value in all our dealings BEST ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES Conducting each activity in the business in the most fair and just manner BEST EXCELLENCE & PERFECTION Creating systems and best processes to drive excellence, and to encourage perfection in all we do BEST TRANSPARENCY

How to pick the perfect colour for your apartment

Bangalore’s cityscape has developed beautiful villas, luxury apartments and flats. The residential projects leave little for residents to bother about. Once your developer gives you the possession all you have to do is decorate your interiors. Choosing the right colour for your walls is as important as choosing the right piece of furniture. In an