Brighten up your luxury apartment with some citrus

The Monsoon is a delightful season, however, days of overcast skies and incessant rain can be really gloomy sometimes. There’s nothing better than a shade of citrus to perk-up your house.

Most best quality luxury apartments, built by leading property developers in the real estate business, come with painted walls. Repainting as per season might is not feasible. You can always add colors to your interiors in other ways, like a curtains, bed spreads, cushion covers or paintings.

Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right citrus for your luxury apartment.


Being a warm color, yellow helps add a positive and sunny vibe to your house. Sunshine yellow isn’t the only option, you can always go for pale, butter, lemon chiffon, or golden if you are feeling adventurous. Kitchen, dining and living rooms are the best places to experiment with yellow.


The citrus shade of orange encourages activity and appetite. It also adds a radiant, warm and happy vibe to your house. Orange is best suited for the kitchen, dining and living room. An earthy shade of the color is good for bedrooms.


This light yellow color is associated with cosines, comfort and contentment. The color can be used liberally in your house, except your bedroom. It is great for family spaces and entertainment areas.

Lime Green

Green is the color of nature and is associated with beauty, growth, prosperity and new life. Lime green brings all these qualities plus some brightness to your interiors. The color is ideal for living, dining and family spaces it can also be used in study rooms, lounge areas and even the bathroom.