The Spirit behind the Agreement…

This COVID and Post Lock-down period has made me think a lot about what is happening around us. In my earlier Blog I had written about our fellow citizens, who we  dubbed as ‘Migrants’. In today’s world where we have a limited ability to concentrate on a subject, I think the issues facing the unfortunate

Our own – not migrants…

This piece follows my Blog of the 12th of May 2020… I have been hearing/ reading about this set of people called  Migrants every day, actually almost every half hour. So, today, I decided to check what this word means as per established dictionaries – here is a link – – As per the

The Retirement Age…

In the older days and as an employee I would be in my last days of my career from today. A few months ago some agency sent me an SMS reminding me to get my benefits as retirement was close by. Me, I wanted to retire at 55. When I mentioned that wish to folks

Just a bit about today

Hi. I thought I would give the continuing story on my life & career a small break and write a small piece on TODAY. The COVID Times… I do not know about others but I did my best, over the last fifty days, to limit my concern on the effects of the Lock Down to

Sales – Part 4 – Bombay and then …

In my experience no Indian professional has achieved anything unless he/she has done some kind of work in Bombay ( Mumbai). In the days I talk about , Bombay was  frightening for anyone coming from even a large cosmopolitan city in the South. The sheer professionalism of the city and the amazing wealth it had

Sales…Selling in a darker world…Part 2

From the early 1990’s the character of Bangalore began to change. It is difficult for most post 1995 residents of Bangalore to understand what the old Bangalore was.  In 1986, when my wife and I  moved in, the old Bangalore was still alive. However, setting aside the garden city feature of Bangalore, what changed faster

Sales..selling a dream – Part 1

Southern Investments (SI) added Sales to my portfolio  about two years into my career. I was placed as the  Sales Manager along with my old friend J, as my assistant, at our Head Office in Madras. I had been handling, what is today known as CRM, for almost six months prior to this. I was


This Lock down is leading to a lot of Frustration . It is possibly  one of the most common emotions  that people in India feel today .  We just do not know what to do. There seems to be nothing that we can do. This is the most common feeling we carry in our lives.

Politics at work

If there is even one successful person who says he/she did not either play politics or defend himself /herself against politics at work, I will show them a liar. Forget work, politics starts at home. Every relationship is  transactional. Siblings play politics with each other, parents, extended family, friends, foes – everyone plays politics of