The pressures of the lock down…

Are we wired to live together 24 x 7 – 365 days a year? As the government keeps oscillating between Lockdown , relaxations, partial restrictions and various actions I wonder if they realise what the stress levels are at homes and other residences. Personally, I am not sure that human beings are wired to being

Quality …3

Our next stage.. Advertising – While I have touched upon this subject in my earlier blogs, what I am writing about today is the importance of good copy writing in terms of Headlines, Grammar, accuracy of information mixed with a judicious usage of the imagination of the creator. Do not promise more than you are going

Quality …2

Quality has to be a constant.. While in college Shyam, my closest friend, taught me my first lesson on how Quality and Professionalism combine with each other. When we all came for our first nets session for the college cricket team trials, he was the only one wearing creams. I looked at him and felt

Quality…a Preface.. Part 1

What is Quality? My cousin, Dale,  asked me about quality and how we, as small builders, could achieve quality when the bigger and more well known builders were using nationally well known contractors and in some cases multi national ones. This set me thinking about this blog. Quality is a much abused term and almost

Sales…The Last part – 5…

Sales..the way we did it in Value Designbuild Pvt. Ltd  (VDB)… I often ask myself why I entered business as it was not a part of our family culture as we were basically agriculturists. Though I lived in Madras, Bangalore and Muscat over the last 36 years I am still a small town person. Not

The D word…Depression

Depression and Alcoholism are two of the most misunderstood diseases that exist in the world today. Suffice to say, what I am writing is not hearsay. I am not a high profile person so you may not react to what I have to say because it doesn’t come with the enormous public exposure that accompanies known

Work from home…really?

  “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” ―Hillary Clinton “Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of

The Spirit behind the Agreement…

This COVID and Post Lock-down period has made me think a lot about what is happening around us. In my earlier Blog I had written about our fellow citizens, who we  dubbed as ‘Migrants’. In today’s world where we have a limited ability to concentrate on a subject, I think the issues facing the unfortunate

Our own – not migrants…

This piece follows my Blog of the 12th of May 2020… I have been hearing/ reading about this set of people called  Migrants every day, actually almost every half hour. So, today, I decided to check what this word means as per established dictionaries – here is a link – – As per the

The Retirement Age…

In the older days and as an employee I would be in my last days of my career from today. A few months ago some agency sent me an SMS reminding me to get my benefits as retirement was close by. Me, I wanted to retire at 55. When I mentioned that wish to folks