I am rambling…bear with me

The start of the ramble.. http://6booksy.com/2018books/12-Rules-for-Life-An-Antidote-to-Chaos/page_54.html – if you are not able to read this please let me know. It is a very fascinating piece. Over the last few years I have often wondered what would be the reaction of the world to a return of Christ ( as promised in the scriptures ) or

#MeToo – another view

I know this is a very sensitive subject but.. I have been castigated by those close to me for wading into controversial subjects. It’s possibly why I am not a good businessman. Good businessmen rarely speak out on issues, especially in India, unless the topic is one that doesn’t ruffle feathers. This subject was dormant,

A Feeling of Sadness

There is an air of sadness: We are on a lock down in Bangalore. This is a short two week one, which has followed an earlier partial lock down. For the last few days as I have gone about doing what I normally do on a Sunday, every day, I realised that a sense of