Who are friends? Friendship Part 3

Who are friends? Friends are a very interesting specie. They have certain features that run across cultures and all kinds of humans that walk this earth or orbit it from satellites in the skies. I consider a friend as one who will tell you when you have done something wrong, yet stay away from judging

Friendship….. Part 2

I am continuing from where I left.. Who is a friend? In today’s world there are different notions of what friendship means. However, there are some things about friendship that pass the test of time. In my view, friends should be a point of reflection. If you look at your friends face and see a

Friendship…Part 1 – What a misunderstood word

Friendship…what a misunderstood word It is after a lot of thought that I decided to start on this topic, one ( friendship)  which I feel means more in relationships than any other that we have. I am pretty sure that you will be taken aback by the last sentence/ statement. I will try hard to

Patience is a difficult companion

Patience… Over the last many months, especially after the lock down was slowly lifted, one of the most common terms in use – was/ is ‘Patience’. Now, a lot of us and I believe a majority of us, are NOT patient. We have always been used to being on the move or ‘getting things done’.