Who are friends? Friendship Part 3

Who are friends? Friends are a very interesting specie. They have certain features that run across cultures and all kinds of humans that walk this earth or orbit it from satellites in the skies. I consider a friend as one who will tell you when you have done something wrong, yet stay away from judging

Friendship….. Part 2

I am continuing from where I left.. Who is a friend? In today’s world there are different notions of what friendship means. However, there are some things about friendship that pass the test of time. In my view, friends should be a point of reflection. If you look at your friends face and see a

Patience is a difficult companion

Patience… Over the last many months, especially after the lock down was slowly lifted, one of the most common terms in use – was/ is ‘Patience’. Now, a lot of us and I believe a majority of us, are NOT patient. We have always been used to being on the move or ‘getting things done’.

What will they think…

What will they think…Do it my way One of the most challenging social issues that people face is handling the worry of what others feel about them. ‘Others’ can be neighbours, classmates, friends, family, enemies – in fact, anyone we know of. This is what cramps us in every thing we do. A lot of

Romanticizing Pressure..

Romanticizing pressure: During this pandemic one of the most commonly used phrases is – Handle the pressure. Now, these three words sound great. You feel like you are going into a battlefield and have all the equipment ready to face the problems that will come up. Mentally you push yourself to a high as you

My point

Safety Net

Does a safety net help? While driving past Barton Center on MG Road, a few days ago ( yes, during the lock-down) I remembered an incident that happened while we were constructing it. We had to put up four trusses and have them connected in the middle, at a height of almost 210 feet from

Quality …4

What we did to enable quality.. One of the first changes we at VDB did was to make one huge difference in the way we worked in the construction side of our business model.  This took a bit of doing as our architects were not used to this method of working. On receipt of the

The pressures of the lock down…

Are we wired to live together 24 x 7 – 365 days a year? As the government keeps oscillating between Lockdown , relaxations, partial restrictions and various actions I wonder if they realise what the stress levels are at homes and other residences. Personally, I am not sure that human beings are wired to being

Quality …3

Our next stage.. Advertising – While I have touched upon this subject in my earlier blogs, what I am writing about today is the importance of good copy writing in terms of Headlines, Grammar, accuracy of information mixed with a judicious usage of the imagination of the creator. Do not promise more than you are going

Quality …2

Quality has to be a constant.. While in college Shyam, my closest friend, taught me my first lesson on how Quality and Professionalism combine with each other. When we all came for our first nets session for the college cricket team trials, he was the only one wearing creams. I looked at him and felt